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Edinburgh Market 7.12.2021

Hi All,

we are still open! If we have to close the market, we will inform you personally at the market and keep you updated here.

Many thanks,


Closure of Edinburgh market

Hi all,

the market will stay closed for today, friday 26th.

By now we will open tomorrow regulary at 10AM. If any changes occure, amended opening-time will be displayed here. This affects all market areas.

Many thanks,


Storm warning Edinburgh, Fri, 26th of November 2021

Hello folks,

we have a storm warning for today, Friday 26/11/2021 from approx 2:30PM.
Please secure all displays and remove any loose items behind or next to the huts.

In the worst case scenario we will have to close the market. We will inform you of this verbally immediately.

Please check here regularly for further information. Please do not call or text unless it is unavoidable.

Thank you very much!

Health & Safety induction for take-down

we just got informed by the main-organizer that the safety-induction will be required again. Please follow the instructions below.
For the Strike we are using the online H&S induction same as Build:
It will generate a QR code which must be presented and scanned at Site Reception on arrival.
There will also be sign in sheets for crew and once scanned in they will receive a build/break wristband.
If the H&S induction was completed for the build, the same QR code can be used. Please make sure everyone is aware and anyone who hasn’t completes before 1st day on site.
The reception will be in the cabin opposite the Bothy Bar for the first couple of days – when mound begins to clear it will go back to being in the Sibcas cabin as per build.
Also please do not forget to bring hi-vis!
Many thanks,