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Hand back of rental huts

You will be able to hand back your hut from Sat, 4th, 10pm until 2am and on Sun 5th from 8am until 2pm.

Huts have to be emptied by Sunday 2pm latest!

  • When your hut is emptied, please remove rubbish inside and around your stall.
  • When ready, please bring the keys, pad-locks and metal-plates to our office.
  • We will then check your hut for damages and tidiness
  • Deposits will be transfered to your account within the following days.

Market End, Saturday 4th

Official end of the market is Saturday, 4th at 22:00!!!

Until that time the market is still open for public. Please do not place pallets or stock outside your huts before!

Please read the following posts regarding

  • return of huts
  • loading stock
  • update on procedures for access to Mound Rd will be posted soon.

Thanky you!


Dear colleagues,

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