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Plenty of attractions are waiting to be discovered by you at the Angels Christmas Market. You can athletically put your climbing skills to the test, experience our craftsmen at work with their bare hands … or enjoy the culinary offerings of a mountain hut in a rustic setting.

The sculptor

Heavy tools are used at first, whereafter fine work is needed. Our sculptor’s dexterity gradually gives rise to imaginative sculptures.

Stairway to heaven

Are you sure-footed? Do you always aim high? Then there’s nothing else like climbing the rope ladder! The successful first ascent will be rewarded with great applause and a cash prize.

The blacksmith

Millennia-old crafts which have lost none of their fascination. Our blacksmith always has a red-hot iron in the fire for you.

The Jaegerwald

Very rustic and at home with nature: In the Jaegerwald there are deliciously chargrilled delights and an extensive selection of international beers and drinks.

Tip: Visit on a weekday!

To avoid the rush and experience the Angels Christmas Market at a quieter pace you may wish to come along during the week and mornings.